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17 January 1986
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.About time I revamped this shit.


.What they call me.: Krys
.How long I've been around.: Twenty-two years
.Claimed or not.: Married for a year
.Eye color.: Blue-gray
.Hair color.: Blue-black
.Height.: Taller than you
.Build.: I have a nice rack, but that's about my only defining physical feature
.Personality.: I try to get along with everyone. Unfortunately, I can't if you're a blithering idiot. I'm nice until you screw me over or fuck with my friends. I'm easily amused. I'm protective of those I love. I get jealous easily. I'm a bit touched in the head, but my brain has some pretty amazing ideas sometimes. I love fiercely. Once I'm attached, I'm difficult to get rid of. And I'm completely random.
.Zodiac.: Capricorn
.Religious affiliations.: When I believe in something, I'll be sure to let you know.
.Music preference.: Metal // J-rock // Instrumentals // Game soundtracks // On the very rare occasion, techo // Anything with a good beat
.TV/Movies.: Grey's Anatomy // Family Guy // Aqua Teen Hunger Force // Trinity Blood // Elfen Lied // Fullmetal Alchemist // Ouran High School Host Club // Loveless // FFVII: Advent Children // Pirates of the Caribbean // Harry Potter // Indiana Jones // X-Men // Underworld // An American Werewolf in Paris // Ice Age // Cloverfield // 300 // Van Helsing // THE DARK KNIGHT
.I read.: Erotica // Drama // Horror // Manga

.Random Tidbits & Otherwise Useless Information About Me.

-- I'm exceedingly opinionated.
-- I'm a far-left liberal.
-- I'm outspoken and much more extroverted online than I am in person.
-- I have one tattoo & five piercings. I want more when I actually have money.
-- I develop film at Walgreens.
-- I curse more than is necessary. G'dammit.
-- Most of the time my brain has a mind of its own.
-- I like the taste of blood.
-- I'm a hardcore masochist, but I can be sadistic if the mood strikes me.
-- I'm attracted to shiny things.
-- I'm very sexual.
-- I'm obsessed with eyes, lips, shoulders, hands & hips.
-- I write fanfiction.
-- I'm a gamer.
-- I dream in color.
-- I prefer fantasy to reality.
-- Flaming redheads own my soul.
-- My eye color changes with my mood.
-- I'm a fantastic daydreamer.
-- I'm bi. Can't handle it? You know where the back button is.

.I am a Squeenix whore.

.Pairings I ship.



OTP: AkuRoku
OT3: AkuRokuDem

.Crossover.: ARR -- AkuRokuNo // RokuNo
Dammit, Erin, it's your fault! >3

.Existence Elsewhere.

deviantArt: uruwashiiuso // Myspace: kryspie // FF.net: uruwashiiuso

My wife and my Roxas:arson_attrition
My wife and my Demyx:i_am_and_i
My Sora:julyrune

.That is the essence of me.
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